Hi! I’m Eric Navarro, I’m currently a Computer Engineering undergrad student based in Barcelona, Spain.

I started learning Python in my early pre-teens, mainly building software for myself. Currently, I am experienced with C++, C, Python, JavaScript and SQL, as these are the programming languages that I have mainly used in my personal projects.

I enjoy learning various languages such as Go, JavaScript, HTML and CSS in my free time.

Technical skills

  • Professional knowledge of C++, C, Python and SQL.
  • Experienced in Flask and Django web frameworks
  • Academic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Proeficient in technologies such as Docker, Git, MySQL and SSH.
  • Experience working with Visual Studio, PyCharm and other IDEs.


Meal Planner
Meal Planner website screenshot (
Flask application serving as front-end and back-end

Personalize your meal planning based on a custom diet algorithm

Project homepage Information